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Bring your book to print

From rough draft into a perfectly printed hardcopy.



Publish Your Book

With our enthusiastic team of qualified editors, typesetters, illustrators, cover designers and publicity experts, we have the tools and skills to transform your rough draft into a professionally printed hard-copy book.

Every manuscript receives a comprehensive review for grammatical, organizational, spelling, word usage and consistency by one of our seasoned editors before it can be published.
Page Design
A Typeset Artist will creatively design the pages of your book using elements of typographical style in order to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing final product. Any illustrations created by our award winning artists will also be placed during this stage.

Eye-Catching Cover
A Cover Designer from our highly skilled design team will, using input and direction from you, produce an eye-catching cover for your book.

After your book has been fully prepared, it will be professionally printed on premium paper with a full-color glossy cover and "perfect" binding. The printed hard-copy will then be made available to the public via our distribution channels.
Marketing Campaign
Once we have completed your hard-copy printed book, we will begin a unique and effective marketing and publicity campaign.
Your book on the Web
Your book will be created and uploaded to our website. It will feature your cover, a brief synopsis of the book and how readers can order and make payment for it.